Gender Male
Race Demon
Faction Four Devas
Main Weapon
Status Deceased
Voiced by Daran Norris

Belze is one of the main antagonists of God Hand, and the leader of the Four Devas.


Belze (pronounced BELL-zay) is a tall, older man wearing a dark suit, with gloves, dress pants, and shined shoes to match. Beneath his suit is a white collared shirt with black markings and a bloodred tie. His face is aged and locked into a grimace, and his eyes shine a dark grayish red. He has short neatly cut white hair and slightly elongated, pointed ears, leading to the impression that he is an elf, although he is not of the species, and his voice is low and menacing.

He leads the table at the meetings of the Four Devas with a strict will, focusing constantly on subduing Gene and resurrecting Angra. He is a schemer, and although he is willing to sacrifice them in order to see his goal's end, he is not uncaring for the other members of the group, showing remorse and anger for the deaths of Elvis and Shannon.

His demon form is a large insect-like creature, showing similarities to a fly or some poisonous mantis. The head is dominated by a proboscis, two huge, grey compound eyes, and in the center, his human face. There are four legs, the back two being smaller and the forelegs being large and covering in purple barbs. The abdomen hangs low being him, and halfway during the battle, he will grow a pair of fly wings.


Throughout most of the game, Belze is spearheading the campaign to resurrect Angra, and has gathered two powerful demons, Elvis and Shannon, as well as one of the Godhands, Azel, to help him achieve this. He is only seen at the meetings, and shows impatience with the other three's incompetence in capturing or killing Gene. After Elvis and Shannon have both died at Gene's hands, however, he decides that, despite Azel's leaving, he must take matters into his own hands, and it is him who kidnaps Olivia. When Gene meets him for the first and last time, he discusses with Gene that his death will be mere compensation for the hundreds of demons he has forced back to Hell, namely Elvis and Shannon. He then transforms into his monstrous demonic form and attacks.

Despite his best efforts, Gene defeats him, and as the losing fighter, tells Gene Olivia's whereabouts, setting him up to face Angra in the process, and returns to Hell.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Belze is only fought in his demon form, and is not to be taken lightly. He has a number of powerful attacks and can assault Gene from a distance or point blank. Close up, he will swipe at Gene with his barbed legs or bring them down and attempt to slam Gene. At mid to close range he can also open his face vertically and spit a ball of acid at Gene to burn him and cloud the player's screen. At long range, he will rear up and shoot a spread of venemous stingers at the player.

Halfway through the battle, Belze will grow a set of fly wings and the battle will change up some. He will mostly use similar attacks, but is now capable of closing space between himself and the player much faster as well as utilizing some new swipes and stinger shots. He will occasionally get back on the ground, however.


  • Belze may in fact be the biblical demon Beelzebub, with his connections to Satan or Angra.
  • He has earned the nickname "Beelzebuzz" because of his demon form.
  • His battle theme is the Fly Flap.