"You... that’s a nice right arm you got there...” ~ Conchita

Gender Female
Race Demon (takes human form)
Faction Four Devas
Main Weapon Whip
Status Deceased
Voiced by Melissa Fahn

Conchita is a reoccuring minor antagonist in God Hand.


Conchita is a recurring miniboss along with her partners, Bruce and Felix, and like them are demons, although they remain in human form. She is a scantily clad woman, although not quite the dominatrix Shannon is, and wears red straps and tight-fitting clothes along with a horned mask, and weilds a signature whip.

Her personality is quite brash and fierce, but overconfident, and she will not hesitate to have Bruce or Felix take care of any opponents she deems not worth her effort. It is this overconfidence that leads to her defeat twice and her eventual death at the hand of Azel.


Conchita and her gang work for the Four Devas and are responsible for setting up the events of God Hand. Some time before Gene and Olivia had met, Conchita was seeking the Godhands, and had been dismembering scores of random villagers in an attempt to find one. This eventually led to her minions finding Olivia and harassing her, which Gene notices just in time and rushes to help her. He isn't strong enough to fend off Felix and Bruce, though, and Felix severs his right arm, causing Gene to fall to the ground in pain and pass out from the shock, although the two then run off.

Gene wakes up in the care of Olivia and with a new right arm--the right Godhand, enabling the events of the story to pick up from there, until he meets the gang again. They recognize Gene and he them, stating that he does indeed have a new arm, and upon realizing what must have happened, Conchita orders the fight, and is defeated.

They meet again, however, and when Gene refuses to give up his Godhand, Conchita starts another scuffle, this time entering the fray more quickly, and is again defeated. Although they intend to find Gene and fight him again once in a better state, they do not get the chance, as they have run into Azel. They recognize him easily as the other Godhand due to the tattoo on his left arm, and prepare to engage him for it, rushing him all at once, and are promptly disintegrated in an instant.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Conchita will at first hold back during the fight, allowing Felix and Bruce to handle Gene until they are defeated. When she does enter however, she is not that strong nor overtly dangerous, but caution should still be taken. She will taunt the player and attempt several kicks and spins as well as using her whip to full effect, including the usual grab move wherein she slams Gene into the ground by his heel twice. She has no real notable abilities.


  • It is not until her death that she is confirmed to be a demon, due to the way she explodes into black dust like Elite Demons. Up until that point, she and her gang appear to be only normal humans seeking a God Hand.