Orange demon

Red Demon

Demons are one of the four races featured within God Hand, and are the primary antagonists of the game. Their goal is to resurrect Angra and take control of the world, with their lone obstacle being Gene and the Godhand. When a demon is defeated, they are transported back to Hell.


There are several types and subtypes of demons, most of which are very powerful, and all play a major role in the game.

Elite Demons Edit

All Elite Demons occasionally rise from fallen normal enemy types, be it a random chance or a specific enemy. All of them boast high amounts of health, indicated by their specialized health bars. These demons, aside from their immense strength, are known for their unmatched speed, being capable of "flash-stepping" to cover large distances. They primarily use these to break out of Gene's attacks if attacked with non-counterhits, as well as moving behind Gene and attempt to grab him. While they require higher reflexes and even a sense of prediction to their movements and attacks, counterhits naturally allow massive damage to be dealt. All Elite Demons disintegrate when defeated.

Purple Edit

The first type of demon introduced, encountered very early in the game. It appears as a humanoid with dark black and grey skin, its cranial cavity open and spewing purple flames, which also engulf its forearms. It is the most basic Elite Demon, able to move very fast and cover much more distance than any non-Demon enemies. It attacks ferociously by swinging its long, clawed arms wildly at the player as well as throwing purple fireballs at them. Occasionally, they will near-instantly move behind Gene and attempt to grab and throw him down on the ground. This can be prevented with the ButtonCircle "Counter" prompt, in which Gene will perform a high kick, swinging his leg high enough to hit the demon in the face from the front and launch it (plus any other enemy too close). Having Gene's back facing towards them drastically increases the chance that they will attempt the grab attack, which sets up for multiple Counters.

Red Edit

Introduced later on, roughly before the mid-way point, there are a few key differences between this demon and the previous type. First and most obviously are that the flames from their arms and head are red, and their skin has green patches on it. Naturally, they are more difficult to combat, with the biggest difference being a large blade attached to one of their arms acting their main weapon. While still very difficult, the same rules of engagement as the Purple demons apply to them, with the only exception being the ability to launch themselves at Gene in a somersault to deal massive damage. Side-stepping in advance makes them vulnerable from the side during this attack, susceptible to counterhits.

Blue Edit

These types of demons are much more rare than the purple and red types and make their appearance around halfway through the game and extending into the late-game. They are identified by bright blue flames filling their cranial cavity and engulfing only their hands. They are less muscular than the red and purple types, but are much more dangerous, as their main method of attack is to extend massive spikes from all of their body when Gene is close to them (which can only be avoided by backflipping). Their movements are much more reliant on the flash-step, making them much harder to keep track of, and a constant eye must be kept on them to maintain control of the fight. When these demons launch themselves at Gene, they cannot be hit from any angle due to the spikes jutting in all directions.

Trident Edit

These demons are rarest form of Elite Demon and are as such the most difficult to fight, encounter entirely within the second half of the game. They are massive, much larger than any other normal demon encountered, being twice Gene's height at full posture. All trident demons have very high health, and compensate their lower speed low rate of repositioning with high-damaging attacks and the ability to fire powerful energy projectiles at a high rate using their on-hand tridents. Their bodies are blue and begin in a large head with a gaping maw, two huge yellow demon horns, and a hole spraying blue flames. Beneath this is a highly muscular torso (composed of at least twelve abs) with two massive arms, and beneath that is another muscled torso with another set of abs and two more arms. Around its neck, wrists, and waist are red braces, and underneath the second torso, blue flames leak out and the body comes to a large snakelike coil and a tail, giving the whole entity a lamia-like figure. Encounters with Trident Demons can be made much easier with the power of the Godhand. When defeated, its trident can be picked up and used as a powerful and durable weapon.

The Four DevasEdit

Despite the name, only three of this group are in fact demons. Azel aside, the focal antagonists of the game Elvis, Shannon, and Belze, are all demons that have come to Earth in human form. Each one is immortal and can only be truly 'killed' and returned to Hell when slain in their demon forms. Each one has their own theme and attacks, but all of them have banded up with one intent: to resurrect Angra and bring Hell to Earth. They also have multiple affiliates and help, such as The Three Stooges and Dr. Ion.

Elvis is a demon of smoke and flame, and other themes of his include greed, hunger, and general macho-ness. He is regarded as one of the more challenging yet more comedic bosses of the game, and is fought three times. In the game, he plays a part in enslaving a number of humans to help him search out Gene and his Godhand. See his page for details on fighting him under the "Powers and Abilities" section.

Shannon is a demon of lust, sex, hedonism, and female dominance. She is very sexual and lewd and aside from the goal of resurrecting Angra, appears to have little interest in anything else. She is primarily responsible for the more dominatrix-like women in the game leading further enslavement over the men in the area. Her demonic form is even a representation of a woman on top of a man. See her page for details on fighting her under the "Powers and Abilities" section.

Belze is the leader of the Four Devas and is the primary antagonist of the game aside from Azel. He leads the entire demon front and is the mastermind behind most of the events of the game. He is significantly darker and less humor-driven than Shannon or Elvis, with his motives remaining mostly unknown. His theme is not immediately clear, although he may in fact be one of the historically darker demons, Beelzebub, judging from his appearance and his evident connections to Angra and Hell. See his page for details on fighting him under the "Powers and Abilities" section.


Angra is a legendary demon, an angel that fell from Heaven and became Satan, Lucifer, the Devil. He is the final boss of the game and was supposedly beaten by the hero of legend, God Hand, and even has two health bars. It is Angra who the Four Devas have been attempting to (and eventually succeding in) resurrect, and it is Angra who poses Gene's final challenge. See his page for more details.