“I don’t think you realize what you’re getting yourself into, pendejo...” ~ Elvis

Gender Male
Race Demon
Faction Four Devas
Main Weapon Hand-to-hand
Status Deceased
Voiced by Jamieson Price

Elvis is one of the main antagonists in God Hand, and is a member of the Four Devas.


Elvis is a large and obese man, standing over eight feet tall. He is Hispanic and shows it, often spits verbal insults in Spanish. He wears very luxurious clothes and many bracelets as well as a large pearl necklace, and is never seen without his signature cigar. He is bald with several side patches of hair, and sports a very long mustache.

He is very greedy, although definitely friendlier or at least more conversable than the other Devas. He expresses a constant hunger and admires his fellow Deva, Shannon, possessively, to which she vehemently rejects. He holds longer conversations with Gene and despite being his enemy, it is remarked by Gene that they could have been friends if not for the circumstances. Elvis believes very heavily in his own ability, even when defeated twice, and is very self-centered, as advertised by the wealth around his arenas and his very own bust.

His demon form marks his personality. It is a 15-17 foot tall demon, very thick in the middle and with black skin. Its legs end in claws and its arms are long and end in boxing-glove like attachments, which are actually mouths. His massive stomach is dominated by a face complete with eyes, mouth, and nose, and contains a large mouth, full of sharp teeth. On his shoulders are two laughably tiny demon wings, and he still wears his pearl necklace. His face, with another pair of demon wings on it, is taken up by eight small eyes.


Elvis is the first real boss and the first Deva to be fought. He has dominated the town nearby, setting all of its inhabitants (including the flamboyant dancers) on the lookout for Gene. When encountered, he is defeated, and experiences a humiliating defeat when he attempts to activate his demon form, but humorously ends up falling halfway through the floor instead. He is further embarassed when Gene lifts his foot up and perfoms a heel drop, smashing him the rest of the way down and convincing him to exit quietly.

Afterwards, Elvis again attempts to defeat Gene, this time at a graveyard and with outside help from the nearby possessed humans, but is again beat down and run off by Gene. The final time he is encountered, he has been warned by Belze not to fail, and thus successfully activates his demon form.

Though he is defeated, he carries his last wish to Gene, who lays his dropped cigar on his chest as he burns and returns to Hell. His legacy is short-lived but important enough for Shannon to take some notice, although she denies his wish of Shannon knowing him as the bravest man Gene had ever met.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Elvis is typically one of the hardest, most challenging bosses. He focuses on strength and fire. He uses many fireball attacks and can use fire to teleport, he can even blow cigar smoke at Gene to smog over the player's screen. Due to his size, he will use surprisingly quick dashes, charges, punches and stomps, and will even jump and attempt to land on Gene.

In demon form, he becomes significantly more dangerous. All three of his mouths are capable of spitting great amounts of flame and can shoot massive fireballs at the player, or create a wall of fire to keep them away. Should this fail to repel him, he will also enter a psycho charge and will curl into a ball and roll at Gene with great speed, dealing massive damage. In close combat, he will again attempt to punch, kick, and stomp on Gene. The player should always maintain much caution and be sure to dodge if they see Elvis rear back and open his central mouth wide, because it means he will bite forward, chewing on and swallowing Gene and ending the fight if unavoided.


  • His theme is the Smoking Roll, and later, Smoke Out.