Gender Male
Race Elf
Faction Four Devas
Main Weapon Boomerang
Status Deceased
Voiced by Sam Riegel

“This is the loser we messed up on our walkabout?” ~ Felix


Felix is an elf and appears as a lanky, thin, bald man with pointed ears and a grinning face. He wears green camouflage with tan melee padding and long boots. His weapon is a large curved boomerang blade, which he keeps on his back and which contains a compartment filled with poison, which he can spray at the player.

Felix is one of the members of a gang working under the Four Devas to capture the God Hand. He is extremely loyal to Conchita and is her better half, being more sharp-witted than his other partner Bruce.


Felix, although only a sub boss and largely unimportant in the main story, plays a large role in setting up the events of God Hand. Under orders for Conchita e along with Bruce were harassing people prior to the story, and had already cut off one man's arm when they found Olivia, who they began to bully when noticed by Gene. Although Gene tried to stop the two, he was overpowered and Felix sliced off his arm, throwing Gene into shock and leaving him for dead with Olivia.

Felix returns months later, however, and upon seeing Gene with a new arm and realizing what must have happened, he is ordered by Conchita to attack. He along with Bruce are taken down without too much effort, forcing Conchita to step in and be beaten as well. With no option left, they retreat.

They return again, seemingly more prepared, later. They attack all at once, but are once again overpowered by Gene and run off. Weak and injured, they stumble off, intending to return again, but meet Azel. Realizing that he is the owner of the other God Hand, Felix and the others attack, only to be disintegrated by Azel's power.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Felix's fighting style is more erratic and catlike (lending to his name) than Bruce's, and he will utilize ranged attacks as much as possible via his boomerang. This includes a venemous spray that can harm Gene and cloud the player's screen. He has no other notable abilities.


Felix is the only member of the demon gang to take the form as an elf. His nature as such is only revealed when he is attacked and killed by Azel, and he explodes in the same fashion as one.