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The newest member Belze's Four Devas and the possessor of the left God Hand, Azel chose to side with the demons to further his own goals. Azel is also human, which means he clashes with Belze often.

He is the leader of the Four Devas. The oldest, most loyal servant of Angra, Belze is fond of holding meetings and wearing cheap suits. He wants nothing more than resurrecting his master and thinks of humans as mere filth. He doesn't like it when Shannon puts her feet on his precious table. He tends to sit on the sidelines while his underlings do all the dirty work for him, but what will he do when he himself is forced to battle Gene?

This fat, heavy cigar-smoking, potty-mouthed member of the Four Devas has a huge crush on Shannon and likes to eat humans. Seeing as how he really likes Shannon, he tries to prove his worth to her by fighting Gene.

Shannon is the only female member of the Four Devas, who knows exactly what she wants. She doesn't care about the revival of Angra — only seeking pleasures, partying, and her own fancies at any cost. She owns several poison chihuahuas and very much would like to make Gene into her "pet." Elvis has a big crush on her. Gene just thinks she's an insane nympho.