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Left to right: Azel, Belze, Elvis, and Shannon

The Four Devas is a group consisting of the main antagonists of God Hand.

Composed of powerful and elite Demons, they seek to the resurrect Angra and take control of the world in order to create a demon "paradise" where humanity is enslaved. To ensure this plan succeeds, they must overcome a single enemy in the form of Gene.

Members Edit

Three of the Four Devas are immensely powerful and gigantic Demons disguising themselves as quirky humans. Though they constantly bicker, they are all united with the defeat of Gene and seizure of the right Godhand.

Belze Edit

Main article: Belze

The leader of the Four Devas. The oldest, most loyal servant of Angra, Belze keeps the other members in check and ensures that meetings go well. Calculated and composed, he wants nothing more than resurrecting his master and thinks of humans as mere filth inferior to Demons.

Elvis Edit

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An obese cigar-smoker with a heavy Spanish accent, Elvis is the first Deva to confront Gene. Though a gluttonous demon, he shares a soft side capable of warmth towards even his enemies. It is heavily implied that he has unrequited romantic feelings for Shannon, and sees fighting Gene as an opportunity to woo her.

Shannon Edit

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The only female member of the Devas. A succubus, Shannon only seeks to enjoy the pleasures of the human world, causing Belze to compromise on their main objective if it means she will fight Gene. She has an affinity for keeping poison chihuahuas, and sees Gene as a man he would like to make her "pet".

Azel / Angra Edit

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The newest member of the Four Devas and the only human. Azel possesses the left Godhand, choosing to side with the demons to further his own goals. As a human, Belze distrusts him but reluctantly accepts him into the group. It is his thirst for power that leads Azel to seek Angra's resurrection, but more importantly to show Gene who is the superior between the two of them.