Great Sensei
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Unknown
Main Weapon Katana
Status Unknown
Voiced by Daran Norris

"Don't be so cocky, just because you defeated my student" ~ Sensei
Great Sensei is one of the bosses of Stage 7. Sensei appears on a Dojo-like arena, after Gene escapes the Flying Pyramid; seeking revenge for his fallen student.

Appearance Edit

Sensei is an aged man wearing a Samurai garb with two blossoms on each side.

Ability Edit

Sensei is very skilled and powerful, having great attacking speed, long range, able to do multiple hit attacks and to counterattack your failed Guard Breaks. Sensei can be a real threat if you aren't careful, since he can use his "Secret Technique" and summon a bunch of clones(up to 5 clones on Level Die) to kick your ass.

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Video(s) Edit

God Hand OST - 29 - Please Mr SENSEI

God Hand OST - 29 - Please Mr SENSEI