The Kick Me Sign, or KMS, is an item featured in God Hand.

Overview Edit

The Kick Me Sign is a simple piece of scrap paper with "Kick Me! GOD HAND" written on it by Olivia in presumably red lipstick and marked with a kiss.

It was placed on Gene's back when he initially chose taking a nap over continuing their mission. Though he was called to action upon hearing a helpless villager attacked by Demons anyway, it wasn't until he arrived on the scene that he realized what Olivia placed on him.

Gameplay Edit

While worn, the Kick Me Sign has no effect on gameplay whatsoever, and persists with Gene between stages. However, once Gene sheds the Deistic Brace and unleashes the Godhand's full power, or if he performs a Roulette Wheel move, the KMS permanently comes off and cannot be replaced for the rest of the game.

Players may attempt to undertake a "KMS challenge", where by never once using either the Godhand or the Roulette Wheel, the KMS remains on Gene for the whole game. Upon completion of the game with the KMS intact, extra songs are unlocked for the music player.