“Hey, Sweetie!” ~ Mr. Gold & Mr. Silver

Mr. Gold & Mr. Silver
Silver and Gold
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Four Devas
Main Weapon Hand-to-hand
Status Deceased
Voiced by Wally Wingert

Mr. Gold & Mr. Silver are two minor antagonists in God Hand.

Two stereotypically homosexual men, they work under Elvis as hostile leaders of a dance group. They are the first boss encounter in the game.


They have white hair and are either black or wearing black skin paint. They are very effeminate and are dressed as stereotypical gay dancers, wearing costumes with large amounts of string and most of their skin showing, as well as feathers and leopard-print tassels. One wears gold tassel and red feathers, and the other wears silver tassel and blue feathers. They even run in the same fashion as the females in the game.

They are strongly sexualized in their comments and personalities, rivaling Shannon as such, and making incredibly lewd comments towards Gene, whom they appear to be attracted to. They play very little role in the story, merely serving as what would seem to be Elvis's very distracted lookouts.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

They do have two unique attacks in their fight, one of which involves one grabbing the other by his heels and swinging him around, finally hurling the other's entire body at Gene. The other is a pelvic slide wherein they will try to hit Gene with their butts. Mr. Silver is also invulnerable to the Ball Buster move--Gene even comments on this after the fight.


Their costume, specifically Mr. Silver's, can be purchased in the shop under the name "Carnival".

  • Mr. Gold will drop a banana after the fight. Mr. Silver will almost always drop a pair of cherries (referring to Gene's comment of him having lost his balls) or rarely a silver coin after the fight.