Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Godhand Clan
Main Weapon Axe
Status Alive
Voiced by Bettina Bush

Olivia is a main character and supporting protagonist of God Hand.

The last of the Godhand clan, she was entrusted the Right Godhand to keep safe after her fiance, Azel, betrays them. After being harassed by a group of demons, she meets Gene, whom promptly loses his right arm and is humiliated attempting to save her. As thanks for his bravery (and to compensate him for his lost arm), Olivia gives the Godhand to him, and requests that he help put a stop to the Four Devas that plan to resurrect Angra.


Olivia is a 19-year-old girl with short brown hair. She is seen most often wearing a light blue mini dress, and darker blue short-sleeved jacket, brown belt, and thigh-high boots. Once the game is completed, the player has the option of dressing Olivia in a bunny outfit.


Olivia has a very flirtatious and humorous personality that can sometimes go too far. She generally teases Gene in a mostly playful manner, but truly means well. Despite being firmly on the side of good and against the demons, Olivia is not above threatening or using violence to get her way, even carrying an axe on her person in a bathtub for the sole purpose of threatening Gene, who regards her as insane. Despite this, she still shows genuine affection for Gene, and cares about his wellbeing.

She is highly ashamed of her past with Azel, and kept it under wraps until the truth came out after Gene's first encounter with the man.


Olivia was born into a clan of protectors for the God Hands, of which her father was a high-ranking member. Before the events of the story, she was engaged to Azel, who went rogue, stole the Left God Hand, and slew many members of her clan. Olivia took the Right God Hand and fled, keeping it safe with her until the day she met Gene.

This day was three years prior to the main events of the game, when being assaulted by Bruce and Felix in their quest to find the God Hand she held. Gene, at that time an ordinary (if brave) man, stepped in and attacked the pair, giving her time to flee, but came up far short and was brutalized, resulting in Bruce cutting off his right arm at the shoulder. Olivia later returned and saved his life by bestowing him with the Right God Hand, repaying the favor as well as saddling him with an immense responsibility.


Olivia, as one of the protectors of the God Hand, possesses immunity to its massive strength and various techniques. Despite this, she is not immune to other types of attack not related to the God Hand, and has little fighting ability, leading to her being easily kidnapped by Azel.

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