Godhand 5a

The God Hand, sealed

Gene's Godhand, also known as simply the Godhand or God Hand, is Gene's right arm and one of the legendary Godhands, the other being Azel's Godhand.

Overview Edit

After having his right arm chopped off, Gene receives his God Hand from Olivia. This Godhand manifests itself as a tattooed arm with a set of metal braces called the "Deistic Brace" that seal its full power until Gene removes them.

Powers Edit

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The Godhand is extremely powerful and allows Gene to properly combat inhumane forces, ranging from fearsome demons to magical elves.

Gameplay Edit

Gene has a special Tension Meter (TP) that when filled enough, allows him to temporarily break off the Deistic Brace and use the power of the Godhand to its fullest by pressing ButtonR2. While the Godhand is active, Gene gains complete invulnerability to all attacks, as well as an increase to attack strength and a considerable increase to attack speed for the duration. Damage dealt via pummels also gains an increase and halt the ending of the mode until the pummel is finished.

Gene may increase his TP by purchasing Puppy Pizza, then the God Smoothie.

Gallery Edit

  • The Deistic Brace
  • Active God Hand
  • Concept art