The Roulette Wheel is a core gameplay ability in God Hand.

Mechanics Edit

The Roulette Wheel system allows Gene to expend Roulette Wheel Orbs to unleash a variety of singularly powerful attacks, or otherwise generate a number of beneficial effects through the Godhand. Roulette Wheel attacks are often capable of instantly defeating lesser enemies, and otherwise are very powerful and high-damaging to both singular targets and in groups, at the cost of a very limited resource.

Gene begins the game with the ability to hold a maximum of two Roulette Wheel Orbs, and he gains the ability to add up to four more slots for a maximum of six by purchasing "Gold Plates".

The Roulette Wheel can be accessed by pressing ButtonR1, with ButtonR1 again to cycle through the wheel, ButtonCross or ButtonCircle to confirm the selected move, and ButtonTriangle to cancel. While the Roulette Wheel is open, time slows down for the player to give time to cycle through mid-fight, and also forces Gene to face his lock-on target. However, the Wheel also has its own timer that automatically cancels the menu if too much time passes, and will also be forcibly cancelled if Gene is hit.

Roulette Wheel Moves Edit

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Move Orb Cost Atk Str. Type Description Availability Prop. Notes
Grovel None N/A N/A Gene gets down and politely prostrates to his foes, causing any nearby enemy to point and laugh. This resets the Level gauge. Gene will utter "onegaishimasu!" (お願いします, formal form of "please" in Japanese) when using this. Start
Dead Pan None N/A N/A A pan falls on Gene's head, dealing a small amount of damage and temporarily stunning him but providing invincibility. This move is only available in the Japanese version; it was removed from the NA version for reasons unknown, possibly due to its potential to be overpowered. While its Japanese name can be directly translated as "Pan Drop", beta screenshots of the NA version have the move and its would-be official name. Start
Ball Buster 1 50 Man-To-Man Gene turns around and delivers a back kick to the target's groin, instantly stunning them for a long period of time. This does not work on female enemies. Start Also does not work on Silver.
Chain Yanker 1 80 Long Range Gene instantly pulls the target toward him from any distance before delivering a punch that stuns them. Can also hit enemies too close to Gene.
Daisy Cutter 1 130 Launcher Gene flashes forward, juggling all enemies in his path, before activating a delayed explosion that causes them to humorously spin in-place as fireworks go off. Juggle Enemy
Discombobulator 2 320 Man-To-Man Gene jumps into the air and delivers a series of forward kicks, ending with a final kick that launches the target. 10000G (Stage 6) Launch Enemy
Divine Smash 1 100 Launcher Gene charges the God Hand before dashing forward, launching all enemies in front of him with the force alone. Start Launch Enemy
Divine Smash 2 1 230 Launcher An enhanced version of Divine Smash. Gene adds a fiery explosion when attacking. Launch Enemy
Face Runner 1 280 Man-To-Man Gene jumps upward and attacks the target with several bicycling kicks, then performs a flying roundhouse kick that launches. Launch Enemy
God Charge 1 N/A Recovery Gene lets out a yell, charging his TP gauge by 20%.
Spirit of God:  2 N/A Recovery An enhanced version of God Charge. Gene will boost his TP by 40%.
God Stomp 1 140 Man-To-Man Gene delivers an overhead kick, before stomping the target into the ground four times and temporarily creating a crater. Start Damages enemies in a radius.
God Stomp 2 1 250 Man-To-Man An enhanced version of God Stomp. Gene sets off explosions with each stomp. Damages enemies in a radius.
Head Slicer 1 140 Long Range Gene spins and delivers a chop that fires a horizontal wave of energy at head height, hitting targets in a line. If this kills, it has the added effect of beheading targets. This move is not present in the Japanese version, possibly due to its decapitating effect.
Kung Fu Samba 1 180 Man-To-Man Gene jumps into the air and kicks targets with both feet, performs a cartwheel kick as his targets are juggled, then ends with a punch that launches. Launch Enemy
Kung Fu Tango 1 400 Man-To-Man Gene swings his arms around in a windmill attack moving forward, then finishes with a punch that launches. 15000G (Stage 8) Launch Enemy Highest damaging 1 Orb move.
La Bomba 1 90 Splash Damage Gene charges the God Hand then punches the ground, creating a shockwave-like explosion that sends surrounding enemies into the air. Start Juggle Enemy
La Bomba 2 2 400 Splash Damage An enhanced version of La Bomba. Gene adds a fiery explosion upon punching the ground. Olivia (Stage 6) Juggle Enemy
One Inch Punch 1 200 Man-To-Man Gene charges his hand with energy and holds his palm to the target's midsection. As he closes his palm into a fist, they are launched. Launch Enemy
Shockwave 1 80 Long Range Gene chops downward to unleash a vertical wave of energy, damaging enemies in a line. Start
Shockwave 2 1 200 Long Range An enhanced version of Shockwave. Gene unleashes three energy waves in a cone.
Typhoon Kick 1 160 Splash Damage Gene jumps and performs a spinning kick that generates a force of wind to send surrounding enemies flying.
100 Fists 2 500 Man-To-Man Gene delivers a flurry of rapid punches with one arm to the target, before finishing with an uppercut that sends them out of sight as an audience can be heard cheering. If this kills, the target does not return.
Crescent Kick 2 900 Man-To-Man Gene jumps and delivers a triple-spinning kick before landing with a kick that launches the target. 10000G (Stage 7) Launch Enemy Highest damaging 2 Orb move.
Dragon Kick 2 400 Man-To-Man Gene performs a deceivingly simple side kick that sends targets out of sight as an audience can be heard cheering. If this kills, the target does not return. Poisoned villager (Stage 1) Can also hit enemies too close to Gene.
Home Run God 2 700 Man-To-Man Gene forms an energy bat in his hand and delivers a home run swing, sending targets out of sight as an audience can be heard cheering. If this kills, the enemies do not return. Can also hit enemies too close to Gene.
Wild Pitch 2 280 Long Range Gene pulls out a baseball before pitching it, causing it to increase in size and bowl into targets in a line. Start
Zen Revival 2 N/A Recovery Gene floats into the air and meditates, restoring up to 30% of his health.
Enlightenment 3 N/A Recovery An enhanced version of Zen Revival. Completely restores Gene's health. 100000G (New Game+)
Shaolin Blast 3 1500 Long Range Gene charges an immense amount of power into the God Hand, then unleashes a massive hand-shaped energy projectile forward, hitting all targets in a line. 30000G (Stage 7) Launch Enemy
Double Shaolin Blast 3 2000 Long Range An enhanced version of Shaolin Blast. Gene uses both of his hands and generates two projectiles. The highest damaging move in the game. Angra (Final Stage) Launch Enemy Only available against Angra.

Gallery Edit

God hand-Gene's roulette wheel

God hand-Gene's roulette wheel

Compilation of Roulette Wheel moves

Trivia Edit

  • The slowing effect of the Roulette Wheel and its ability to force Gene to face his lock-on target can help the player to make quick turns and act accordingly, all without needing to actually choose a move.
  • The Typhoon Kick bears resemblance to the Hurricane Kick / Tatsumaki from the Street Fighter series.