"My style is impetuous! My defenses are impregnable!" ~ Tiger Joe

Tiger Joe
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Four Devas Mercenary
Main Weapon Legs
Status Determinate (Skippable)
Voiced by ?
Tiger Joe is an elite enemy encounter in God Hand.

He is met only twice in the game (Stage 6 and Stage 8). Introduced as a sub-boss, he sports a high amount of HP and even has his own soundtrack, and considered one of the most difficult non-boss enemies in the game. Despite having a stage named after him, Tiger Joe's encounter is an optional battle.

Appearance Edit

Tiger Joe is a tall man wearing a tight tiger tank top and a tight ripped green short jean. He has short hair and an eye-patch covering his right eye.

Ability Edit

Tiger Joe is very agile yet powerful. He can dodge nearly any of the player's normal attacks, and he can also counterattack any failed Guard Breaks and Kicks whilst continuing to dodge. In the "Death Shudder" stage, he turns into the Trident Demon when defeated.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Japanese version of the game Tiger Joe is called "Dynamite Joe".
  • His taunts "my defenses are impregnable" and "my style is impetuous" are quotes from Mike Tyson.
  • Tiger Joe bears some resemblance to Sagat from the Street Fighter series, both in appearance and the presence of a special uppercut in his moveset.

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God Hand OST - 24 - Handsome Dynamite

God Hand OST - 24 - Handsome Dynamite