Tiger joe is an elite enemy gene would encounter in some particular area. he might be some kind of sub boss, since he have his own soundtrack and a stage named after him. A sub boss for his difficulty and high level of HP.

Appearance Edit

Tiger joe is a tall man wearing a tight tiger tank top and a tight ripped green short jean. he has short hair and an eyepatch covering his right eye.

Ability Edit

Tiger joe is very agile yet powerful. he could dodges nearly any of your normal attacks, and he can also counterattack you when you are too offensive, while he dodges you. in the "death shudder" stage, he turns into the trident demon when defeated.

Trivia Edit

  • His taunts "my defenses are impregnable" and "my style is impetuous" are aimed toward the godhand. and a tribute toward the ending credits song
  • His soundtrack is called "Handsome dynamite".


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